Music With A Message

More than just music!

The Music With A Message (MWAM) band is dedicated to writing and performing original songs of positivity that educate and uplift communities throughout New York City and beyond.

Melissa Hernandez
Age: 19
Chowan University
"I realized that with MWAM as my outlet I could make a difference in the world."

Joshua Southwell
Age: 20
Oakwood University
"I decided to be a part of MWAM because I believe music heals and it is a privilege to be able to go around healing individuals along with my peers."

Al-lisha Burns
Age: 17
Professional Performing Arts School
"Being in MWAM gives me an outlet to express myself creatively and promote positivity to everyone I encounter."

Karleen Rivera
Age: 14
Cardinal Spellman High School
"I'm a part of MWAM to gain new experiences and to grow musically by performing with the other members."

Olivia Tapia
Age: 18
Borough of Manhattan Community College
"I decided to be a part of MWAM because it teaches me the value of hard work and determination in order to execute a polished product."

Shira Brown
Age: 18
Borough of Manhattan Community College
"MWAM allows me to inspire others to challenge themselves and explore their talents in the process."

Treasure Brown
Age: 9
P.S. 132 Garret A. Morgan
"I joined MWAM because it's like a family."

Elvis Perez
Age: 21
"I joined MWAM because I like the chemistry and bond between the bandmates, and I appreciate the experience."

Celece Laracuente
Age: 16
Repertory School of the Arts
"I like being in MWAM because the learning experience pushes you to grow and learn new things."

Carlos Bencosme
Age: 17
Lehman High School
"MWAM is my outlet of spreading positivity through music."

Josiah Spellman
Age: 18
Ithaca College
"I am a part of MWAM to help my fulfill one of my dreams to change lives by way of music."

Jayleen Rivera
Age: 16
Fiorello H. Laguardia High School of the Arts
"I love how our music makes an impact on the lives of others, especially in my community."

Shantaysha Peprah
Age: 20
Berklee College of Music
"I joined MWAM to bring a positive change to others as well as myself."

Myles Manning
Age: 20
Berklee College of Music
"I appreciate how much MWAM allows you to grow as a musician, and seeing the smiles of audience members!"

Kayla Rodriguez
Age: 18
Berklee College of Music
"I joined MWAM to enhance my musicality and share it with the community!"

Tim Bernard
Age: 18
CUNY Lehman College
"MWAM is a safe haven for me to express my musical abilities."

Asia Sanchez
Age: 18
William Paterson University
"I love being in MWAM because the experiences are unique and the people are too!!"